Atlanta North Studios provides videographers and photographers with a pre-lit, ready-to-use green screen studio painted with official Roscoe green screen paint which assures you will get a great key. It can also be painted as a full limbo white screen studio.*

The green screen is pre-lit by our 5400K daylight permanent light grid at the flip of a switch. We also have ample fluorescent and LED light fixtures available to light your talent. Plus a wide array of grip gear to make shooting simple and efficient. 

The cyc measures 20’ x 17’ x 12’ and is large enough for full body shots.

And, if you need editing or motion graphics for your project we can help you there also. Our in-house post-production staff can help you deliver a professional and polished product. 

Located near GA 400 (Exit 12) makes it easy to reach for anyone looking for a high-quality, low-cost solution north of Atlanta.    


 It's located in Alpharetta

It's located in Alpharetta